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Massages are a great way to help or relieve a tired body, relieve stress and prevent pain.
for the restoration of your physical and mental strength we offer you massages from our professional Thai masseuse ruby.
Come to relax in the Ruby Studio in Ústí.

Please order one day in advance. Of course, we also accept immediate orders by telephone agreement.








The traditional Filipino massage

The traditional Filipino massage was used for healing long before Western medicine came to the Philippines. The principle of treatment was passed between the Philippine shamans and called "mang hihilot"

Hilot (pronounced a lot) in Filipino means "massage". Hilot is now offered at the best spas in the Philippines and some parts of Asia as an effective healing technique.

COUPLE Massage

Favorite couples massage for shared relaxation. Let you pamper your souls and bodies at the same time.
This is a very popular massage when two clients come together, but everyone has privacy in one of two studies that are next to each other and when not disturbed by the other.

Traditional Thai massage

Proper application of pressure technology reduces muscle tension and cramps. - Perfectly reveals the origin of muscle tension. - He moves and releases stiff joints. - Improves blood circulation. - Recharges the body and mind of the new energy. - Helps to treat sciatica - Headaches.

Lava stones

The philosophy of Hawaiian massage (lomi lomi) is to concentrate on achieving body and soul harmony, the goal is to induce perfect relaxation, improve circulation of blood, relieve muscle balls and other physical symptoms of stress. It provides spiritual and emotional experiences, including relief from fear, anxiety and other negative emotions.

Sport massage

A sport massage is a set of appropriate massage tips to help the athlete get rid of fatigue or prepare him for full performance. Therapeutic sports massage speeds up the treatment of certain illnesses and especially injuries to the athlete.

Thai Royal Massage

Thai Royal Massage, also known as ROYAL or RITUAL, is an exceptional massage that makes you feel like a king or queen in the hands of professional Thai masseurs. Royal Herbal Massage - Combination. This Thai massage combines several different massage techniques and procedures

The touch of a pregnant massage is delicate and sensitive. The massage is usually done in the side-to-side position with the growing tummy or sitting in a sitting position in a chair. 

Lava stone massage is an ancient, mythical Chinese massage, the first records of this massage are from China, 2000 years before our date.

In contrast to a classic, regenerative or relaxing massage, we have experienced a very rapid psychological relaxation and relaxation.
The stones are heated in a water bath and then warmed to the body. At the same time, body massage is performed with hot oil and two larger stones that are held in the palm of your hand.

Back and neck massage

The massage adds a feeling of relaxation and positive attunement while enjoying the pleasure of breathing and moving.

Permanentka DE

Permanent card


Vážený Kliente,
doporučujeme Vám nejlépši dárek pro Vás nebo pro Vaše nejbližší a přatele zajistíte relaxační masáž s permanentní kartou. tato karta je tím nejlepším dárkem pro Vás,Vaše milované A  přatele.
tato  karta platí po dobu 6 měsíců.

Gift Voucher

Give a gift voucher for your friends and relatives or colleagues. After purchasing 20 gift vouchers, you will get a 20% discount from us that you can apply for 6 months.