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Sport massage

A sport massage is a set of appropriate massage tips to help the athlete get rid of fatigue or prepare him for full performance. Therapeutic sports massage speeds up the treatment of certain illnesses and especially injuries to the athlete.

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Massage in minutes:


Local effect: accelerated removal of wrinkled skin layers, normalization of skin tension, increase of secretion of sweat glands, faster emptying of lymphatic vessels. Supports resorption of swelling, hematoma, removal of fatigues. Pain is reduced, tissue metabolism is improved - well suited to preparation before medical physical education.

- Remote reflex effect - Improving the functioning of organs deposited in depth by changing blood flow and metabolism.

- overall effect - positive change in vegetative balance, improvement of the internal environment, endocrine glands.

The type of massage can highlight the overall relaxation or excitement effect on body performance, the state of the central nervous system, which retroactively affects the peripheral organs and their function.

Depending on the goal we want to achieve, different types of massage can be selected. However, much depends on the experience of a massage worker to adapt the intensity and character of the massage to a frequently changing finding on the patient's motion system.


- used in healthy people. Massages of classical massage are used, which are modified in intensity and order according to the target of massage.