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The traditional Filipino massage

The traditional Filipino massage was used for healing long before Western medicine came to the Philippines. The principle of treatment was passed between the Philippine shamans and called "mang hihilot"

Hilot (pronounced a lot) in Filipino means "massage". Hilot is now offered at the best spas in the Philippines and some parts of Asia as an effective healing technique.

Ceník 30 min 60 min 90 min 120 min
398 Kč 698 Kč 980 Kč -

Massage in minutes:


The concept of energetic pathways that go on throughout the body is the foundation of Thai medical teachings. Indigenous origin and influence are distinct, as the whole theory is based on the philosophy of yoga. In it, living energy (called Prana) is taken along with inhaled air and a snack. Using a network of energy lines (Prána Nádi), the human being is powered by life force. Energy lines are invisible and can not be detected anatomically. They create a "second skin" or another body that envelops the "rough" physical body. The energy body (Pranamaya Kosha) is composed of a number of energy pathways; up to 72,000 are reported. From this flood, the Thai massage chose the 10 main ones: sib sen, 10 senes.

The pressure points on the tracks can be considered as a "window" opening into the body. It brings about the exchange of energies between the human body and its surroundings, bringing about the balance of man and the universe. Disturbances in energy flow reduce the level of the body's sweat and lead to the development of the disease. Working on energy paths along with pressure points massage removes blockages, promotes the free flow of Pure and restores the return of health and a sense of well-being.